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HAPO President's Message
by Karen L. Simon, PC Tech Associates


Organizing For Back-To-School Season

        Getting ready for the transition from summer vacations back to school is important for staying organized throughout the school year. Whether you are a student going to college or a parent of school-age children, you will want to designate some rules and routines at the start.

Time Management
        Adjustments to schedules are important allowing ample time for the mroning routine so students do not start the day feeling rushed. This may mean waking up half an hour earlier than necessary during the first week of school until everyone becomes accustomed to the new regimen.
        Establishing and reserving time after school for studying and homeowork keeps students on track for success. This helps to reinforce what was learned during the day while fresh in their minds and sets up a good habit.

        You want to establish a "homework zone" that is an area where students can do school work. It should be well lit, have supplies and resources handy and include a flat work surface with a comfortable chair. It should also be a space that is quiet enough to enhance concentration.

"Ren-entry Zone"
        An area should also be established as a "re-entry zone". This area is a place where backpacks, schoolbooks, lunch boxes, etc. re-enter the home. The zone should have enough space for backpacks to be emptied and especially incoming paperwork to be sorted. If schoolbooks and other items are removed and taken to other parts of the house, they must return to the zone when no longer in use so they are in place and ready for the next day.

        These are just a few steps toward starting the school year off calmly and stress-free! Professional organizers can assist with many other suggestions and customized solutions for students and their households. Whether it is managing time, space or information, there are organizing experts to help!
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Organizing Professionals ...

      Are you an organizing professional who performs organizing services?  Or are you a manufacturer, distributor or retailer of organizing products?  HAPO WANTS YOU!  We are always looking for professional organizers and companies where we can refer clients.  So, whether you are an organizer who helps clients in homes or offices, a closet product/installation company, or you provide organizing product solutions, visit our Membership page to find out about the Hawaii Association of Professional Organizers and its members. NEW Benefit of Membership: Teleconference Meetings!   Visit our Events Calendar page for monthly meeting dates. 


Tips to Get Organized
contributed by HAPO members

Group like items together. This is a basic, but really helpful start to getting organized. Figure out where to keep items like tools, giftwrapping supplies, crafts, etc. and then reunite the items that wandered away from each other!

Lasar McCabe, Organized Island Living LLC

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